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Sports have been a lifetime passion and my teams are eclectic to say the least but their origins have a shared beginning. On a Fall Sunday evening in 1985 I received my first lesson in fandom. My father was a college minister and so our home was always full of college kids. Being that we were in Lubbock, TX at this time the Dallas Cowboys were a big deal. On this particular Sunday night the game pitted the NY Giants vs the room’s beloved Cowboys. Being the contrarian I was, I picked the Giants when asked. At halftime the Giants trailed the Cowboys by a count of 17-3 but despite the long odds I begged my mother to let me stay up and finish the game. The college kids also, wanting to show me mercy, extended me 7 pts (this was also my first brush with a point line). Sure enough the Giants came back in the second half only to finish a point short; however with the 7 pts I had picked up at half I was victorious and how sweet it was. The next week the same kids came over and once again asked what team I was pulling for. When I asked who they were rooting for and then promptly choose the other team I was informed that it was time to pick a few horses and stick with them. That week I picked my teams and with the exception of the addition of Seattle teams my list remains intact. Hope you enjoy these images not matter your home teams.

Sports: Passion, Love, Obsession

CAUTION: You are entering the secret word of my rooting interest and outlet. Strong language, bad words, horrible predictions, senseless ranting, cursing, gnashing of teeth, hand wringing, and other odd behavior is guranteed.


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