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"Josh is a rare breed. Beyond forward thinking, able to bridge the gap between today and tomorrows possibilities, while always being level headed - a cool cat! He can see so far into the future, but holds your hand so as to not get lost or overwhelmed along the way. Never losing focus and always reaching the finish line, no matter the journey it took to get there."

                                                                                                            -Ken Grant - Motivate Branding

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Welcome to Your Social Nervous System
Tasting Success in the Social Era
Unlocking Your Brands True Social Potential: It's 2-Way

Consumers are talking and talking in ways we never imagined they would. Most marketers are still too busy thinking of cute ways to talk at their consumers instead of truly listening. I firmly believe that the real magic of the Social Era has little to do with talking and everything to do with the ability to listen, measure, think, and then speak. In this presentation I introduce the idea of a new Business Intelligence (BI) system focused around social media listening and actionable measurement.
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Feeling lost in the new Social Era online? Don't understand the fundamental shift that has just occurred? In this presentation on the Social Era I try to explain the true base reason people have flocked to social media sites, why it's vital for businesses to be involved, and then this presentation was focused on the win industry in Washington State. However the principals work for any small business looking to find their voice in the social space.

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With true listening comes the responsibility to respond; this has given rise to a new breed of online pioneer the community manager. In this presentation for the University of Washington AMA we explored what a Community Manager looks like, how they are most successful, and why they are vital to any authentic social media strategy. Community Managers are today's wranglers of online conversations.


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Additional Areas of Thought Leadership:

Privacy - Goal Setting - Realizing Your Real Potential - Influence - Personal Branding - Integrated Marketing Strategy - Social Media - Cause Marketing - ROI Based Marketing - Generational Marketing - Leadership - Invitational Marketing - Business Leaders of Tomorrow - Narrowcasting - Sales Training



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